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Frequently Asked Questions...

(If I had a penny for every time that question was asked...)

Questions we have had to answer more than once...

  1. I get an error message about "components not properly registered" when trying to run The Soap Calculator.
    Make sure that you install items #2 and #3 from the download page as required for your operating system.
  2. My character cannot be found. Where do I get one?
    Windows XP, 2000, and ME users already have Merlin installed. Windows 98 users can get Merlin by clicking the character button on the download page.
  3. I can't hear any sound from my speakers when the character is speaking.
    You must download and install the spchapi.exe file from the download page for Windows XP or the other support files for Windows 98.
  4. Where can I get different characters to use with the program?
    You can get Merlin, Peedy, Genie and Robby by clicking the links at the bottom of the download page.
  5. Should I uninstall my current version before I install the latest version?
    It is best to uninstall the old version before installing the new version. This is to insure customers that havent updated in a while have just the necessary files. Future versions will not matter but for now it is best to do so. You will not lose your saved formulas.
  6. I never received any email about updates and I requested update notification. Why?
    Update notifications are sent to the original email address on the order form. If you have changed your email address it is recommended you contact support if you would like to be notified by email of future version releases. And of course the SPAM filters can be blamed so check them once in a while to see whats in them :) Use the "Check For Update" in the Help Menu and you will know if you have the latest version.
  7. Why does the program lock up when I use the Cost Of Oils Editor?
    Download the latest version (build 29 or above) as that bug is fixed. I had a few reports of it but not with enough info to duplicate it.
  8. I bought and paid for the software 10 minutes ago, where is my registration?
    Some people don't read the payment screen where it says registrations are done manually and it can take 24-48 hours, depending on time and day of week. They are normally done within 8 hours though. Thanks for your patience. :)