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Technical Support

(What do you mean it doesn't work?!)

Most technical support questions are answered in the Faq section. If you are still having problems, below are listed some of the most common issues and their solutions.

  1. Does The Soap Calculator run on Windows 8?
    Yes it sure does. No MS Agent support though as Microsoft quit supporting that with Windows 7.
  2. I get an error message about components not properly registered when trying to run The Soap Calculator.
    Make sure that you install items #2 and #3 from the download page as required for your operating system.
  3. Common issues when installing The Soap Calculator.
    You must be logged onto your computer as ADMIN (administrator). Check and verify this first before contacting support. This can be checked by going to the Control Panel and clicking on User Accounts. Your logon will say "Computer Administrator" under your logon ID.
  4. Will The Soap Calculator run on Vista?
    Yes it does, and there will be some improvements made in the speech capabilities after the first Vista service pack due out in 2008.
  5. I upgraded to the latest version and my prices all changed back to 0.00 in my oils price file.
    This is a known issue and I am trying to figure out the best way to handle it in the future. The problem occurs when I add additional oils to the list of oils during an update, the file that holds the prices gets out of sync due to an increased total number of oils. For now, the new update replaces the prices.lst file with a default template which requires you to re-enter your prices again. For the time being I suggest you make a copy of your "prices.lst" file before you upgrade so you can send it to me and I will fix it and send it back to you. This only affects users with version 2.5 of The Soap Calculator.
  6. Why does the program lock up when I use the Cost Of Oils Editor?
    Download the latest version (build 29 or above) as that bug is fixed. I had a few reports of it but not with enough info to duplicate it.